Your stay with us, will have a lasting impact on our planet.

At Abbey Court, we don’t just focus on your stay with us - we also make sure of the lasting effect of your stay with us! From the moment you check in, you will be encouraged to think about the environmental impact of everything that you do during your stay. For example, we have signs in all rooms reminding you to switch off the lights to save energy. Indeed, all of our rooms are actually fitted with LED lights which guarantee more efficient and responsible energy consumption. You will also see messages in our bathrooms, encouraging you to manage the amount of water used and we carefully monitor all energy and water consumed in our laundry services.When guests checkout, we urge then to return their keycard to us. The cards are plastic (we can’t do anything about that yet!), but we can limit the amount of them that we print if everyone returns them to us.

The Abbey Court difference: